Let’s Talk Music – May 2019 Edition

Hello! *waves*

I am still here. May has been a quiet one on this blog because of illness and a variety of stuff going on in my personal life but I promised myself I would come back and do May’s Let’s Talk Music. I may be a few days late but here is some music that has kept me going throughout May.

“They Don’t Know Me” (Single) by CityLightz

Indie with a splash of rap it is fair to say that the Wolverhampton band are putting their own stamp on the music scene. Their music in general is full of rock rhythms and pop hooks making it easily likable by all.

It begins with a steady guitar pattern which builds to include catchy drums and heavier riffs all before a single word is uttered. I really dig the combination of rap-like bars from Matthew Barnett and then the harmonising vocals from Luke Henry in the chorus. Rounded off with an killer guitar solo it is a track which has everything. Great tempo and individuality.

A band I must see…plus whoever runs their Twitter account is hilarious. Give it a listen for yourself here.



“Not Worth It” (Single) by The Only Route

The alt-rock band with a raw sound and catchy riffs released their latest single back in March so I am a bit late to the party but listening to it now I am glad that it has found its way to me.

Nowadays more and more bands are “cleaning” their music but this track doesn’t need it. I love how real it sounds as if they are in the room. The biggest pulls of the track are the chant-y vocals from Ryan Redwood and the rocking drum grooves by Matty Larkman. I think you only have to listen to this one track to know that they are talented.

It is track I imagine would get the crowds jumping about as it has a serious energy. Sadly, I haven’t had the experience of hearing it live as they are Suffolk based but hopefully they get to the West Midlands soon. Give the single a listen here.



“Never Change” (Single) by Esther Turner

I first saw the singer-songwriter playing at Edgbaston Cricket Ground – it was just her and her guitar so having heard her raw sound I can tell you she is very vocally strong. When I went to listen to her recorded material I was initially quite surprised as it sounds quite different, like a pop track you would hear on the radio.

However this isn’t a bad thing as I found an artist I love a good dance to. Her latest single is no different and shows again her sheer brilliance and talent in not only performance but also songwriting.

This is not the only awesome thing which has happened to her in May, she also won best pop act at the Birmingham Music Awards. If this isn’t enough to get you listening then I don’t know what is! Have a listen here.



“Keep It” (Single) by Flares

I’ve raved about this band on this blog a fair few times now and I am thrilled that they’ve released another single. I think they are something special.

The single is classic indie rock with all the hooks and edgy drums – they are a proficient bunch. Both vocalists sound brilliant and can hold their own which is not only a rarity but also pretty special. They are the definition of an up and coming band who I expect are not only going to take the local music scene but also the national scene by storm.

They’re playing a headline show at The Sunflower Lounge (Birmingham) on the 21st July and I am gutted that I won’t be able to make it. You should definitely go check them out and in the mean time have a listen to their latest single here.

flares pic


“I Was There” (EP) by Estate

The alt-rock foursome from Telford blew me back in March so I am very excited to now be able to listen to some recorded material!

My main memory from that live show I went to was their performance of “Forgiveness” which is the opening track on the EP. It is a strong way to start with instantly appealing drum grooves and lyrics you can quickly pick up on – meaning you are singing along without even realising!

Dreamy guitar riffs are at the centre of many of their tracks such as “Summer Song” and “Drifting” making them an easy listen. The listener is then thrown into a more heavy track that is “Gratitude” which shares similarities to their opening song in some ways. Closing the EP we are back to the calm guitar and tapping drums in “Logan Square” which rounds it all off quite nicely.

It has not been a bad year for the band with numerous shows and of course this EP but I have a feeling things can get even better for them. Help them out and give their debut EP a spin here.



“Don’t Wait ‘Til Tomorrow” (Album) by YONAKA

The much anticipated album by the pop-punk quartet is finally here and has received a brilliant response. Single “Lose Our Heads” is one of my most listened to songs since its release so I was buzzing to finally listen to their full record.

There is a creative mix of upbeat, in-your-face tracks such as “Bad Company” but also more vulnerable and understated tracks such as “Guilty (For Your Love)”. It is almost daring having such huge contrasts between each song but actually it just highlights their character and understanding of the music scene. It works. Most would be too cautious to give it a chance but it certainly pays off for them.

I think simply they are a very talented group of people and those vocals from Theresa Jarvis need to be talked about more! She is a seriously gifted young woman and I can only hope I get to experience her sound and lyrics live at some point in the near future. Along with the crisp beats by Robert Mason something different emerges.

My favourite track currently is “Rockstar” which is the perfect track to start with if you want to give them ago. You should. Have a listen to their debut record here.



Make sure you check out all of the artists mentioned in this post – they all deserve some love.

This month, I am going to try and be more proactive when it comes to posting and then next month I am back on the gig review train. Thank you for you patience and I will see you soon.

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