EP Review: “Sexy Suburban Sadness” by Myriam Adams

Alternative band Myriam Adams bring us their new EP, “Sexy Suburban Sadness” and it is a stellar release from the West Midlands quartet. The band push genres beyond their limits creating an incredibly individual sound, they certainly think outside the box.

Opening with “Angerangercute”, the title perfectly represents what you get with this short track. Two thirds of it has serious punk vibes with big beats and shouted vocals, a mosh pit would love it that’s for sure. During this part, the drums start to change into a more electronic sounding kit which guides the track well into the different final third. A scream from frontman Jacques Hete leads into a bubblegum pop kind of track with an electronic feel and heavily mastered vocals. It is like having two songs in one but it doesn’t feel super out of place thanks to the clever drum pattern throughout.

Second track “Babe”, opens with delicate keys and heartfelt vocals, the massive difference to the first track definitely surprises me. The synth work is particularly interesting in this single. They’ve got the balance absolutely right and have not overdone it which is a real risk I think when using the instrument. They’ve also nailed the use of the synth in following track, “Best Nude”.

“Best Nude” is a romantic track with dream pop energy. It is the bass line which grabs my attention especially. I love the different change of pace compared to the previous songs, it gives the EP some further substance.

I am at a loss of what to say about “Por Ti”. In a good way. It is vulnerable, one to feel emotional to, helped by the gentle acoustic guitar but then it morphs into something…else. Nothing I can say about this song will do it justice, just listen to it and you will understand. I am moved when I listen to it, both by the message it carries and the musical means which does that.

The closing track is “Hugs”. It is a song about the first night with a romantic partner and carries pop-punk vibes with a dash of grunge. Catchy, punchy and perfect for the live setting when gigs can happen once again… (hopefully soon). A great way to finish off the EP with lots of energy thanks to the raucous drums and foreboding riffs.

It is difficult to decide on a favourite song from this frankly amazing EP. It is one I am going to be listening to for a long time to come.

Check out “Sexy Suburban Sadness” on all the usual platforms.



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