Single Review: “Grow Together” by Ryan Sparrow

Singer-songwriter Ryan Sparrow is kicking off the new year strong with single, “Grow Together”. The solo artist from Birmingham treated us last year to his debut EP, “Changes” which I rated highly on release so I was eager to listen to more from this talented musician and only four months later this wish is granted.

An indie rock tune to pull on the heart strings, “Grow Together” is a song about the difficult part of a relationship when you are trying to work out what each other needs without being selfish. It is a really deep, emotional topic and it is evident on listening that the lyrics are completely honest coming deep from within.

Tackling the feelings of self doubt and hopelessness but also looking at the positives when things improve. Despite its downcast tones it is strangely uplifting and just a pleasure to listen to.

The opening immediately grabs the listener’s attention with the abrupt drum and strumming pattern. Everything then drops back allowing Ryan’s brilliant vocals to take centre stage with a gentle guitar line meaning you get the full punch of emotion. There is no denying the passion in his voice.

It is a single that’s really easy to listen to. With a steady, lowkey drum pattern accompanied by a smooth bass line whilst being guided softly by his vocals. He continues to blow me away.

I am really impressed with how rich the production value feels considering Ryan wrote, recorded, engineered, produced, mixed and mastered the track in his living room. It is really quite admirable.

Check out “Grow Together” on all the usual platforms.



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